Maine Coon: On the rocks

Maine Coons were taken over 100 years ago as
 a large, hardy and beautiful breed of cats survive well in the harsh winters.
Only the most hardy individuals with highly developed muscles were able to participate in further breeding.

Maine Coons develop slowly and reach maturity in only 4-5 years. By this age, males can reach a weight of 12 kg, females - less. This is a big, gentle and good-natured giant. Even the voice sets them apart from other cats. He has a distinct bright vibration. Maine Coons rarely meow, and only occasionally and briefly served tender voice that does not correspond to their size.

The important distinguishing features of the Maine Coon are the head shape, body and texture of their hair. The head is slightly elongated more in length than in width, with a slightly curved profile and high cheekbones, large ears and wide at the base, set high, well tufted inside. Tassels on the ears, similar to Rysin. The neck is of medium length, long body, broad chest. The tail is as long as the body.

Many owners of the Maine Coon consider them the perfect pet: the exterior, like a clown, wool, and requires no maintenance, faithful nature with funny habits and behavior, willingness to "help" in any activity. They will make excellent company for any family, can live together with dogs and other animals.

Maine  Coon - is an amazing animal, causing the self-respect. It combines
remarkable power and strength with a creamy character, the look of a wild beast with a gentle purr.
This is a very intelligent and noble animal, whose beauty makes us happy, as all perfect.

Maine Coons - mobile animals. They manage everything, always and everywhere to help you prepare dinner, watch TV, play, run, catch the mouse (if you bought it for him, but she managed to escape), a tireless hunters they catch mice well. As with all large animals of the Maine Coon should have free space for movement. They like to watch the masters from the heights. Sometimes it seems that they know more about us than we think. About the Maine coons can talk a long time, but much more fun to watch them. Now the Maine Coon in our country is very small, but I want to as many people could appreciate the wild beauty, grace and spiritual qualities of these animals.